Club 18-30 Holidays: Making Malia Happen

4/16/2013 08:21:00 AM ·

All your mates are doing it. In fact, you can bet your bottom dollar matey that the majority of the UK is doing it this summer. Club 18-30 Malia 2013 is going to be nothing but awesomesauce epicness.

It’s always been a firm favourite among the RnB crowd, but in recent years, and especially since the four Inbetweeners boys hit Malia shores, there’s been a real rush of young uns heading to Crete for a summer of clubbing carnage. There are two things for sure about Malia.

One: it’s seriously hot. As the most southern of the Greek Islands, Crete has absolutely scorching summer temps, well over 30 degrees. The lobster look wasn’t waltzing down the SS13 catwalks, so do as mummy says and pack your sun cream. Your ginger mate’ll need the block, we reckon.

And two: you’re gonna have to splash the cash to get there. Now spring has finally arrived, you’ll find that the best deals on Club 18-30 Malia holidays are going to be flying offline. Look now, book now.
That’s all there is to it.

Plan to get your pals round, browse through the deals on the tinterweb and put your group deposit down for the holiday. You should find you have a few weeks left in which to pay the balance – ideal if you get paid weekly. Makes Malia far more affordable.

Cut down on the bits and pieces you don’t need at home, ditch a subway and a Starbucks or two a week and that’s an extra tenner here and there. Your balance will be paid before you know it.

Once you're abroad, make a concerned effort to keep anything expensive and any extra cash locked away in a safe. To avoid any intoxicated overspending, only take out what you need for the night.
Get ready to experience Club 18-30 Malia style. You’re in for a real clubbing treat, my friends.

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