What to Pack for your Sailing Holiday: Top Tips and Essentials

3/03/2013 05:30:00 AM ·

Are you planning to set off on an adventure on the ocean waves this year? Whether it’s being the skipper of a yacht for Ionian island holidays or you are learning a new skill with one of the many RYA courses, you are going to need to pack appropriately.

Take a look at these handy tips to ensure you only take the essentials:

Pack Light! You will only have a certain amount of baggage allowance on your flight to your port, let alone the limited space on board a flotilla. Chances are, you’ll be heading for the subtropical seas, which, during the summer particularly, means fabulous weather. It’s doubtful that you’ll need that chunky knit sweater, don’t you agree?

Avoid suitcases – sailing bags are much more sensible when it comes to sailing trips, and they’ll fit in much smaller spaces.

Dress Down. Unless you plan on sampling some of the more ‘upmarket’ restaurants in your chosen ports, the majority of bars and eateries won’t mind informal wear. Simple chinos or a sarong would be ideal – you don’t need to pack anything too fancy.

Don’t Forget your Swimsuit! With the azure waters inviting you to jump in for a swim or snorkel, forgetting your cozzie would be a disaster!

What if it Rains? Pack a light windbreaker, just in case. Chances are you won’t need anything heavier than that because it’ll likely just be a shower that will be over before you realise.

Protect Yourself! Suncream and sunhat are an absolute must, especially as you’ll undoubtedly be relaxing on deck for much of the transit time.

Leave your Phone at Home! That’s right, you don’t need it. Forget about the stresses of home and cut yourself off for a week or two. It’s a sure-fire way to true relaxation.

Take a look at the Ionian island holidays on offer and sign up for one of the RYA courses to help boost your confidence as a sea dog.

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