Turquoise Ice in Lake Baikal

3/23/2013 02:49:00 PM ·

Lake Baikal is over 25 million years old-the oldest lake on the planet. It's also the deepest lake, holding more water than all of North America's Great Lakes combined.

© Trofimov 

Its marine life is composed of more than 1,500 animal species and 1,000 plant species. Lake Baikal is not like any other lake on the planet in that it has oxygen- rich water that circulates from the surface to the deepest parts, implying geothermal vents.

Russian landscape photographer Alex El Barto Trofimov, who lives in the heart of Siberia, travels nearly 400 miles south to photograph Lake Baikal – his favorite place to take pictures.

© Trofimov

“Lake Baikal is a real jewel of our planet,” Trofimov told Weather.com over email. “I shoot on Lake Baikal [in the] summer and winter.

"The shooting is not easy, as Baikal is known for its unpredictability. It is especially dangerous shooting ice of Lake Baikal,” Trofimov explained.

To help the effort, UNESCO has recommended that the lake and its watershed be designated a World Heritage Site."

Check out Trofimov's website for more examples of the one of world's most exquistie natural wonders

[Source: Weather.com]

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