Smoothing Shapewear for Women

7/10/2012 02:08:00 PM ·

Lacee Long: bra, body shaper and lace camisole in one.
As a fuller figured women, finding the best bra and underclothes is a difficult task. I tend to spend much more than the average sized woman for a better fitting bra, and even then, you still run into the issue of having the elastic on the intimates show through your clothing. It is both unflattering and uncomfortable. The funny thing is, I started noticing that many women of all sizes have this issue. The unflattering lines of the elastic of bras that cut into your back and cause an unseemly show of extra fat and skin.

I started shopping around for an alternative. Not an easy task, but I found the best back smoothing bra and cami that actually slims and supports me in all of the right places. Keep in mind, that although I am fuller figured, I do still wear clingy tank tops because I have a flatter stomach. Wearing a long tankee body shaper makes wearing my favorite fashionable tank top, a staple in my wardrobe and most women’s as well, so much more enjoyable. Not to mention, it has saved me countless trips to the department to store to purchase another over priced full figure bra.

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