Splash of Yellow

6/10/2012 03:45:00 PM ·

Inspiration can be drawn from places we visit and the natural earth tone colors of our surroundings, but what is it about the color yellow that inspires us? It is the summer time here in Florida and it is also the time when I venture into new artistic adventures at home. Whether I’m placing new décor around my home or using bright buttercup yellow bedding to accent my Tuscan inspired bedroom, I’m always looking for a subtle change to keep my inspiration flowing.

I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, especially when I’m blogging. So my environment, and yes it does sound trite to some, has to be as inspired as my next blog post. Yes, I could light a simple candle or listen to a piano sonata by Schubert, but I like to have my space as close to a Zen like experience as possible. This is where my theme décor comes into play. I think about a subject or scene from a movie, let us say some romantic movie in Tuscany, and I pull in a white mirror bathroom and some yellow sheets designer brands, and drench the room.

It's a simple change to spark new ideas and it also gives my room a fresh new look.

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