Start The Year with a New Frame On Your Mind

1/06/2012 04:47:00 PM ·

People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on eyeglasses every year at speciality stores because they have no idea that online stores like Zenni Optical have the same quality glasses, at affordable prices. Personally, I stopped going to speciality stores because I've had so many terrible experiences with the doctors and the quality of the eyeglasses I'm received after examinations. Now you may be thinking, Lauren, you've already mentioned Zenni before. A few times actually. You're absolutely right, I have.  I like to give credit where credit is certainly deserved. After all, eyeglasses are a signature style for people like myself. Just look at my stainless steel frames. They're super savvy and smart, and they cost me a fraction of what you probably paid for yours.

Now, if you're finally taking a chance and ordering a pair of Zenni glasses like mine, all you need to do is provide a prescription online stating what your pupillary distance is. Typically, you will not be provided with this information during your exam since this would empower you to purchase your glasses from another supplier. However, you're still entitled to this information. It typically takes a little under two weeks to receive your glasses, but this is because your glasses go through rigorous quality checks before they're sent to you. That's it. In a few weeks you can start out the school year or work week with a new pair of frames, and you'll be the envy of everyone.

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