Quit Smoking with Blu Cigs

10/14/2011 09:35:00 AM ·

A friend of mine is trying to quit smoking, and she realizes that it will be a challenge. She's made the conscience decision to quit, however she's tried cold turkey, and it's never worked. There are dozens of options and several products on the market to aid in quitting, but each person is entirely different. Some use hypotism and others use the patch, but she decied to try blu cigs. Don't get me wrong, some people don't want to quit smoking. They actually want the option to smoke anywhere, at anytime, but many restaurants, bars, parks, and other venues don't allow it. Blue cigs give people the option, if you chose it, to smoke without the nasty and bothersome cloud of smoke barreling around your head. Additionally, they're a great way to wein yourself off of real cigarettes. They're battery operated and come in several flavors. All flavors are exclusively made in the USA by Johnson Creek in their FDA registered facility.

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