Promote Active Play with Pedal Cars

9/08/2011 05:44:00 PM ·

Can you remember when you first sat upon a two wheel bike? Your dad or mom would give you a light push and you’d sail down the road in style in front of all your neighbors. You’re bike would have those adorable tassels on the handle bars or a loud horn to push every time you passed by a friend. Bikes back then were pristine. They were built to last, yet many stores these days offer a cheap rendition of an old classic and they never last. Well, if you’re like me, I like a product that had withstood competition and remains one of the most trusted brands offering those balance bikes we love.

KETTLER pedal cars have been around since 1961 and they remain some of those most innovative and well built children’s bikes in the world.  One aspect of these bikes you must remember is that they are pedal powered. What this means is that you child no longer has the luxury of a power operated, often terribly made, power car or bike, but can use his or her legs to peddle to a healthy lifestyle. We take this granted when it comes to kids. Instead of purchasing another video game or movie, why not promote active play.

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