What is Polarity Reversal?

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Every 200,000 years, the earth goes through a shift of polarity. The magnetic shield around the earth is weakening when the reversal is taking place, leaving us open to the harsh solar winds and other strong atmospheric pressure and particles from space.

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Evolution has brought us to a point in time when this is long overdue, yet the shield around the earth is weakening, giving us a sign that a polarity reversal is not far from the future. Doomsayer's are known to over exaggerate these happenings however scientists proclaim that reversals are “as common as ice ages”.

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So what does this mean for us? How will the sea life be affected by this change of direction? All good questions, yet until the reversal takes place, no one really knows who will flourish and what will be affected.

Will our shield disappear like the Red Planet causing the extinction of all mankind?

What We Do Know

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Fact: Many species of animal can tap into the magnetic field, using it for migration, mating, or some other directional tasks. In 1957, Hans Fromme, a researcher at the FZI in Germany, noticed that several birds he was keeping in cages were becoming disoriented. It was at a time when migration was taking place, so it was normal behavior to Fromme. However, it was unusual that the birds could not see the outdoors or experience the weather, so how was it that the birds knew it was time to change direction?

Fromme believed it was something from within, a hidden ability to detect earth’s magnetic changes, and so he undertook a project to test other species such as  rodents, trout, salamanders, lobsters, and even some types of bacteria.


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Fact: Leatherback turtles have been around for over 110 million years, since the  Cretaceous. Leatherbacks are known for using the magnetic poles to drive their direction towards their mating grounds and they are known to switch breeding locations, possibly because of the polarity reversal. So what will happen to the Leatherback’s when the reversal takes place?


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Fact: Aurora Borealis, polar lights visible in the  ionosphere, are quite spectacular, but when you get down to the components that make up the lights, you may be able to look deeper into what they really represent. This phenomenon is made up of a “collision of charged particles from Earth’s magnetosphere. What does this mean?


This means that the harsh solar weather is entering the Earth’s atmosphere, providing us with more damaging radiation and chemicals. Now, if the reversal takes place, you be able to see the Aurora Borealis all over the world, meaning the minor amounts of charged particles that were entering the atmosphere before are more than 80% concentrated.


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What’s in Store

Many scientists believe that the Earth will regain its electromagnetic shield at full strength. Although the increased weakening of the shield is a definite indication of a reversal, no one can really say how long it will take. Paleomagnetists hope that by the time that happens, earth will be prepared, but for the time being, we can only wait.

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