Robert Wiener’s Glass Blown Murrine Art

8/04/2011 08:58:00 PM ·

Robert Wiener, a talented artist, embodies the Murrine blown glass design movement. Weiner uses layered spectrums of color to create basket weave like art forms that almost mimic lattice pie.



The organics of glass blowing combine melted glass and free flowing forms, which result in one of kind pieces, representative of nature and pure imagination. Murrine glass is characterized by colored patterns made in a glass cane exposed when cut in cross-sections. Several colors of glass are layered on top of one another, and from the core, heat is applied and the glass is stretched into a rod. When cool, the rod is sliced into cross-sections of desired thickness with each slice possessing the same pattern.


Murrine blown glass by Robert Weiner


Robert Wiener is transforming an ancient process that first appeared more than 4000 years ago. Not only has Wiener polished his craft by studying with some of the most exceptional glass artists in the world, but he uses his own perception and creativity and perfected the use of technique and structure, to produce a piece of art filled with spectrums of vibrant color.



Robert Weiner’s colorbar series called “Summer Salsa” consists of over 700 pieces of glass with over 60 combinations of colors. Plates that are interwoven with layered rainbows of color, along with a sloping form, combine to create simplistic and innovative pieces of perfection.



"As I continue to develop an appreciation for American Craft, I find myself drawn to glass for several reasons. Whether it be hot (blown), warm (fused), or cold-worked glass, I am fascinated with what seems to be an infinite diversity of color, texture, and form. The fact that fused glass predates glass blowing and, up until the last hundred years or so was a lost art, gives fusing a special mystique."

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