Florida Residents Have Strong Reaction To New Dave and Buster’s in Orlando, Florida

7/21/2011 08:18:00 PM ·

You’ve heard about them. You’ve probably even visited a few locations around the country. When a corporate giant like Dave and Buster’s arrives in Orlando, Florida, situated on the tourist trap that is I-Drive, please flock to it.

There are some innocent Florida residents who, on occasion, check out what’s new on International Drive, and maybe hit up a restaurant or water park, taking in the sights like any Florida tourist. But what happens when corporate America craps all over the state’s residents. Yes, we only pay taxes here and we don’t frequent the over priced theme parks as much as tourists do, but again, we still matter.

Here’s one perspective from a Florida resident after they visited the New Dave and Buster’s in Orlando. You can also check out the reviews on Yelp, which are are recent as you can get.

One reviewer stated,

We made the awful mistake of thinking we could get a table. Because the place is so new and popular there was a 3 hour wait and they didn't seem to take reservations.
This place is brand new and they actually had to shut down the door due to fire capacity.
1. The air conditioning sucks
2. The staff does not seem to be able to handle "nightclub" volumes
3. There is no cocktail service in the game room
4. The staff is rude (I witnessed the door man not allowing a mother in to collect her children)
5. Walking through the restaurant EVERY table had piles of dirty dishes, empty glasses, and customers sitting at the table looking around for their waiter.

Kelly Wade’s story

It was my birthday and I was very excited about going to the new Dave and Buster’s at I-Drive in Orlando, Florida. Upon arriving, we could not find a parking spot. Dozens of vehicles circled the building while many others were parked illegally on curves, behind other cars, and everywhere else they could jam into.

Helpful note to reader: pay the $5 valet and let the good times roll.

Well the good times did not exactly roll.

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