Are You Still Buying Printer Ink At Office Suppy Stores?

7/15/2011 07:04:00 PM ·

Several months ago I found the deal of a lifetime on an Epson printer. The printer was originally priced around $400.00 and it was way out of my price range. Furthermore, I didn't need such a professional setup since I was using it only for papers and advertiser schedules. I figured I would try another store until I found a table near the front door that had display printers on sale along with the used printer ink that came with them. I actually found that professional printer for $98.00. I couldn't believe fiance was going to flip out considering he uses the same printer on the college campus for one of is Calculus classes.

There had to be a catch I thought. "No catch", the salesman told me. He informed me that the printer was just last year's model, but I would still be able to get the ink. I then looked at the price of the full price ink, and it was almost as much as the printer. "There was a catch",  I thought. I had been buying cheap ink online for years for my HP, so I was hoping the online store I used for cheap printer ink would have the correct supplies for this older Epson.

Although my fiance would prefer to use this printer for his online assignments he printed out for class, I was thinking I would actually be able to expand my correspondence with my advertisers, since I now had more capabilities. Not to mention, I just purchased cheap ink, remanufactured mind you, but with the same usability as the overpriced printer ink at the office supply stores. Not only had I saved over $300 on my new printer, but I saved  92% off the retail price of ink. The entire experience, and this doesn't happen to me all that often, has saved me money and increased my bottom line profits with my archaeology website.

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