Another Obnoxious 70K+ Square Foot Mansion?

7/24/2011 05:36:00 PM ·

You'll remember the 75 million dollar mansion built in Orlando, Florida created by Westgate timeshare tycoon David Siegel, but have you heard of the 75,000 square foot mansion being built in the Missouri Ozarks with 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and other features that could include a library, music room, theater and a garage measuring 4,000 square feet?

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It's true. Steven Huff, the homeowner, may insist he's making a dent on the carbon footprint by building with special steel-reinforced concrete that is energy-efficient and resistant to various forces of nature, but why, really, does the house have to be so massive?

Huff recently released a statement about the home, trying to appease the naysayers I suppose about the size and reasoning behind the pricey abode.

"The mission behind Pensmore is to serve as a living laboratory for ongoing research into energy conservation and disaster resistance," he said. The house is being built as a model of efficiency and durability for large commercial buildings,as the concrete being used, absorbs heat therefore keeping the home cooler.

It will use nearly $6.9 million in building materials, according to the permit application, he said.

Ironically, the real estate agent, Matt Meadows, doesn't consider the house outlandish or unnecessarily large. Of course you wouldn't, it's your listing.

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