World’s Largest Landing Gear in the 1940’s

6/02/2011 12:23:00 PM ·

XB-19 landing gear wheel

The XB-19 landing gear wheel and tire was the world’s largest in the early 1940’s. The tire was donated to the National Museum of the Us Air Force in Dayton, Ohio by Ben W. Colbourn Co, Inc, Tulare, California.

Douglas XB-19 landing gear wheel

The Douglas XB-19 was originally designated XBLR-2 (Experimental Bomber - Long Range) and was the largest bomber built for the Army up to that time (1938). Only three aircraft were given XBLR designations: the Boeing XBLR-1 (later renamed XB-15), the XB-19 and the Sikorsky XBLR-3 (a design study that was never built).

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