Discarded Computers Become A Unique Sculture By Marek Tomasik

6/20/2011 03:55:00 PM ·

I believe I still have an old CPU sitting in the outside storage. Why I have no idea. I suppose I thought it would come back into style or I could make it into a fishbowl. Imagine taking thousands of these prehistoric machines, and yes they're are all pretty ancient if people are willing to junk them, and turning them into a livable space. Polish sculptor Marek Tomasik has done just that.

After three years collecting thousands of discarded computer parts, Tomasik has turned his antique archaeology hobby into a walk-in sculpture called "Sometimes You Have To Be Open."

This bizarre yet incredibly green cabin is located  inside a historical castle in Swiecie, Poland, and measures roughly 16 feet wide, 13 feet long and 15 feet tall. Marek has designed a lovely chair to sit in while he appreciates his sculpture, albeit the chair is the only furniture inside the cabin so one could hardly be completely comfortable calling it home.

Head over to Marek's website to see an interactive 3D panorama of the installation, complete with droning industrial sounds.

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