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6/08/2011 10:25:00 AM ·

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Chensun Mills Journeys To Costa Rica As Part Of School Building Mission

As a devoted volunteer for needy children, Chensun Mills has long recognized the significance of giving back to the global community. Recently Chensun Mills joined an organized church mission and journeyed to Costa Rico looking to do just that; give back. Chensun Mills and the group of seven other missionaries came with a benevolent attitude and giving spirit as they focused on erecting a school building, or "escuela" to serve the underprivileged youth in this area of the world.

Heredia Benefits from Chensun Mills's Mission Group Efforts

Chensun Mills and her fellow missionaries were welcomed as they arrived in Heredia armed to finish the escuela's construction. Servicing appointed children from under 1 all the way through 12 years of age, this completed educational facility will be especially critical for the scores of single moms that reside in the Heredia vicinity. Previously forced to accept subpar childcare standards out of a desperate need to work, these mothers can now leave their children in a warm, caring, learning environment while they work in hopes to provide for their families. As Chensun Mills is a mom herself, the plight of the Heredia mothers particularly resonated with her. Chensun Mills feels truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to donate her time and efforts to a less fortunate community.

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