Being Crafty and Making My Own Indoor Fire Pit

6/20/2011 11:20:00 AM ·

Guest post written by Carolyn Prince

I love to DIY all kinds of things around my home not only because most of the time they save me money, but also because I just have a lot of fun doing big projects like that. Then I can brag and show these things off to my friends and visitors. Right now I'm working on putting together my very own DIY fire pit for my home.

I know that it sounds extremely ambitious to try and make my own fire pit, but I've done all kinds of projects that even involved electrical wiring. I'm just taking it as a challenge. I was online a few nights ago looking up some more info for this project and while I was doing that I saw some I got a little more information about them and decided to sign up for one of them for my home internet service.

Now, the DIY indoor fire pit that I'm putting together isn't huge or anything. It probably won't even compare to outdoor fire pits, but this will be really neat to use for years to come.

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