AVRO Canada VZ-9AV: Avrocar Flying Saucer

6/01/2011 03:57:00 PM ·

Like the Area 51 Declassified Secret Plane Crash pictures published on National Geographic, the Avrocar is just another reason for the public to get excited about these mysterious aircrafts.

The Avrocar is a mock up flying saucer built in the likeness of the 1950's Science Fiction movies. Kept in the presidential hanger at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, very few visitors get to see this prototype up close, as admittance is limited everyday.

The Avrocar was a Canadian effort to create a supersonic, vertical takeoff fighter bomber. The design evolved from the exhaust from turbojet engines which drove a circular "turborator", producing thrust. The thrust was directed towards the ground creating a cushion of air, also known as a "ground effect", allowing the aircraft to hover above ground.

Unfortunately, the cushion of air below the Avrocar became unstable and the aircraft was never able to reach supersonic speeds. Nevertheless, the Avrocar on display at Wright Patterson Air Force Base was shipped to NASA Research Center and tested in wind tunnels. Once again the Avrocar was proven to be aerodynamically unstable.


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