How Do You Define Pleasure?

5/15/2011 09:59:00 PM ·

It's not always a sexual matter, but rather a way of living. The Kama Sutra teaches the vision of the proper "art of living for the civilized and refined {male} "citizen". There are no pictures of sex acts in the original Kama Sutra as much as that may surprise you. It is actually considered a companion to the" Art of Politics" and "Art of Economics and Ethics" philosophes. The act of being kind to others and forgiving is just as important as a healthy sex life and males must attain these attributes equally.

So then, how is pleasure defined and how do you define pleasure? I recently came across Arash's World and his latest post entitled "Life of the Sexual Mystic: Kierkegaard and Different Types of Pleasure". The article was both enlightening and scholarly on the matter of pleasure.

Who does not like pleasure? We may have different ways of seeing, appreciating and relishing pleasure, but we all enjoy it whenever it crosses our path. Pleasure may range from reading books, watching movies, or doing some gardening to engaging in sports, going dancing, to winning battles in everyday life. Pleasure can also effortlessly embrace seeming contradictions such as sexual fulfillment and abstinence. Yes, even religion brims over with sensuality when it comes to fighting against the manifestation of passion and its identification with the divine.

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Picture: Edgar Degas: Frau bei der Toilette (The Yorck Project)

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