Explore.org and African Wildlife Foundation Investigate Gorillas in Rwanda

5/03/2011 07:48:00 PM ·

"How ironic that the one creature deemed all violent is the most peaceful: the mountain gorilla. With only 720 remaining, Craig Sholley of AWF teaches us about his organization's efforts to preserve gorillas in Rwanda".

Sholley explains that the gorilla's identifiers are the marks on their noses. A fingerprint he says. He's been working for the African Wildlife Federation for over 30 years and from where he stands, the landscapes these amazing animals live in are the most beautiful in the world.

Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is home to more than half the population of mountain gorillas. Six of the Virungas volcanoes form the boundary of Rwanda, Uganda, and the DRC, and these locations are the last homes of the mountain gorilla.

The documentary touches on the Kwitonda Group where the family interacts and the children tackle their parents. Genetically these great apes are 98.6% human, so their mannerisms and social interactions are "basically human behavior". They are, however, rarely aggressive towards one another, and if they are, the problem is resolved quite quickly.

The Susa Group consisted of 39 gorillas and 4 silverbacks. The explorers were surrounded on all sides with this particular family.

Watch the documentary Gorillas... 98.6% Human (Rwanda) in its entirety above and see how much you really know about the mountain gorilla.

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