Brooks-Range Backcountry Tools - Keeping Outdoorsman Safe

5/17/2011 04:49:00 PM ·

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Put Your Backcountry Tools To Work - Enjoy The Slopes Without Worrying About Avalanches

Brooks-Range offers a wide range of backcountry tools, designed by and for skiers. Safety is paramount when traveling the back country and durable backcountry tools are vital. In particular, avalanche tools, including backcountry shovels, snow saws, field organizers and outdoor map tools, help to keep skiers safe.

Avoiding Avalanches With The Right Training And Backcountry Tools

Skiers need to be experts in avalanche safety and they should at least take an Avalanche Awareness class. During this two hour course, participants will learn the conditions and factors that can cause avalanches. The course includes instruction on the use of safety gear, including avalanche probes, backcountry shovels and avalanche transceivers, for traveling in avalanche terrain.

Safety In The Back Country - Avalanche Transceiver

For more complete understanding, backcountry skiers should take a full AIARE Level 1 avalanche course. Over three days, the attendees will learn how to recognize avalanche conditions using backcountry tools such as back country shovels, snow saws, slope meters, and snow crystal cards, plus safe travel protocol. In addition, mock rescues are performed where participants will learn how to use avalanche transceivers and probes to locate buried victims and strategies for using back country shovels to dig victims out.

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