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4/12/2011 07:01:00 AM ·

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Did you know that students spent an average $1137 in 2010-2011 on textbooks and supplies, according to The College Board? I can believe it because I'm a college student myself and know full well how expensive books can cost. Not to mention the prices get even higher once you're in graduate level classes. Today, most of the nation's students are taking classes at community colleges and 80% are at public institutions. Let's not forget the displaced workers who are finding there way back to college after a several year hiatus. It's a challenge finding the means to pay for these rising textbooks costs especially considering the average students uses about 42% of their tuition towards books. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, textbooks prices are rising at 4x rate of inflation. Spread the word because that's a huge increase and an alarming statistic!

According to Gates Foundation study, one obstacle holding students back from graduating or even performing at the same level as those who can afford these books, is the rising price of textbooks and their access to them.

Flat World is disrupting the entire billion dollar textbook industry system by providing books free online, while offline books cost around $35 for print, and $25 for other formats. Students choose what they can afford and the format in which they will receive their books. Flat World also works on an open license so teachers are able to change the textbooks into an entirely different platform and therefore allow students to learn in their own unique way.

In 2009, Flat World’s books were adopted by 1600+ professors in 900+ schools totaling 115,000 students utilizing Flat World's amazing system. People are calling this change from textbooks to open source as the Textbook Rebellion and Flat World is the leader.

In fact, studies now indicate that colleges using Flat World open textbooks are demonstrating significant  increases in course completion rates (upwards of 10-15%) where open textbooks were used vs. traditional books.

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