Why I Never Buy Glasses In Retail Stores Anymore

3/10/2011 05:03:00 PM ·

This is a true story, which actually happened to me one month ago. I was starting to have minor headaches once again and I figured it was time to get new prescription eye glasses. I went to the nearest retail store a few minutes from my home, as one of my friends told me it was the best place to get glasses. I took my frames in with me, as nothing was wrong with them, I just needed new lenses. After an eye exam, the doctor explained to me that my optic nerve was irritated. I had checked this once before with a specialist and they said it was from looking at a computer too long with the wrong strength glasses. I explained this to the optometrist and she assured me that the glasses would come out to my exact specifications. After all, I was looking for something a bit stronger than reading glasses.

Two weeks later, after spending close to $300.00 just for lenses, I received my glasses. I put them on for my fitting and almost passed out in the store. I asked "how the strong are these?" The technician checked the prescription and noticed they were three times stronger than what I needed. I was livid.  The told me to take them home and see if I got used to them. I did try them for a few days, but after getting dizzy in class, I immediately took them back.

So now, I was stuck with my glasses once again, but I needed glasses quickly and from someone I actually trusted, which is why I started looking on Zenni Optical. I know, I know, you see them all over people's blogs, and although you may not believe some of us have actually tried them, well I'll admit that I have.

Imagine spending a fraction of the price I did at the retail store and getting the correct glasses the first time around from the #1 online eyeglasses store. They have this reputation for a reason and thank goodness they do, otherwise I would never get the job done. At school or at home while working on my blogs.With an updated state of the art site with Zenni Frame Fit, customized for your face shape, super savvy navigation with options to narrow down your search, and not to mention they're the best online eyeglass retailer, you can't loss!

If you haven't tried Zenni and you wear prescription glasses, I urge you next time to give them a try.

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