Now You Can Actually Sink Your Teeth Into That Pen

3/28/2011 07:22:00 PM ·

It could be nervous habit or tick. You find yourself chewing on the end of your pen and then suddenly it bursts open and the ink is all over you mouth. Funny thing is, you don't notice until you make a bathroom stop and see the blue ink on your lips. Oh the horror! What if there was actually a pen you could chew on and it was actually edible? Now there is!

Dave Hakkins has created an edible pen out of those delectable, edible, necklace candies we use to eat out of the quarter candy machine at our local drugstore. After long hours of deciphering which pens were the best to chew on. Yes, a daunting job, but it sounds like tons of fun, Dave has come up with an ingenious prototype.

Dave's edible pen contains twenty pieces of peppermint candy and is filled with edible ink - the only thing which isn't edible is the small point which you write with - and when it's finished you throw this nib away or put it in a new re-fill pen.

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