New Footage of Japan Tsunami: Could this be our punishment?

3/13/2011 12:17:00 PM ·

Japan Tsunami wave spills over seawall, smashing boats and cars, all while onlookers capture footage from a balcony.

People are already stating that the Japan Tsunami  is our 2012, and I can't help but wonder, if this is some sort of punishment. Does it have anything to do with the assault on one of most precious resources, the ocean and the animals that reside there?

In a heated conversation with the some residents of India yesterday, we spoke about the impact of Dolphin poaching and the BP oil spill. The consensus seems to be that after months of ignoring the fact that millions of sea creatures have washed upon the shores and dolphins have been poached by hunters that are just too hard to catch in action, not just in Japan mind you, that this horrible disaster could be an act of something greater many can't explain.

The most governments seem to have done so far is to create bans and restrictions on the hunting of these animals. These regulations may cut down on a small percentage of poaching, but as seen with elephants, rhinos and already protected animals, poachers continue to find ways around authority by hunting at night or hiding the game that they do catch.~Saratoga Falcon

I'm the first one to argue about the end of days and 2012, but you really have to consider what we've done to our water supply over the past 50 years and whether or not we are being punished for it now. It's not an answer or explanation, but when something like this happens, you try to make heads or tails of it any way you can.

Yes, comparing the poaching of animals to the Japan Tsunami is hard to even fathom and some of you might be quite angry about it, but you're not the only ones. Commentators on the "The Cove" trailer on youtube are up in arms and believe some people got what they deserve.

What is going on in the world? Your thoughts?

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