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1/06/2011 08:37:00 PM ·

Guest written by our friend Jan Petersen

Little Bill, which was created by the famous Bill Cosby, makes this a great show in my book to begin with. Not only is this show educational for children but parents do not mind watching it either do to the fact that Bill Cosby wove his humor into Little Bill himself. This wonderful show comes on at four in the afternoon on nick jr, which is on satellite television that we got after reading this Directv vs cable page, which is a good thing because it comes on right after school lets out. Like I said this show is great for all age groups, but especially for preschoolers.

As children watch Little Bill they are taught how to love and value their family, how to increase their self esteem and to help develop social skills that they will need to develop within this world. Little Bill is the youngest of three children, April who is the oldest sister loves to play basketball and sing in her church's choir, then you have got Bobby who is the middle child and loves to give Little Bill a hard time but also be there for him when he really needs someone. Then there is the grandmother who is called Alice the Great. Why is she called Alice the Great, there is really no telling.

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