6 Glorious and Imaginative Wood Carvings By Livio De March

1/20/2011 08:50:00 PM ·

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Wood carving is complicated as it is without complicating the matter by making life size automobiles. This wooden Vespa was crafted by sculptor Livio De March of Venice and is exact in every detail. This particular wood carving is not the only work of Livio De March awing crowds.

Livio De March is an innovator with his fun loving wooden trees draped in carved leaves with a a body reflecting that of a women.

 Born in Venezia, this inspiring artist creates art reflecting the Venetian tradition. March studied art at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. An inspiring location indeed to create such works of individuality.

Livio De March started sculpting with marble, then bronze, and eventually wood. Many of his pieces can be seen in Ripley's Museums around the country.

 De March has an inner passion, an irony as he calls it, to see the evolution of life in so many different ways.

From a Porsche carved entirely out of wood and dropped in the canal of Venice to his numerous "floating creations", origami paper hats, an enormous floating shoe, a Cinderella Pumpkin Coach and four horses, Livio De Marchi has blessed the Canals of Venice with his own individual style, his spirit, a completely different way of being an artist and having tons of fun. You just can't help but smile when you see a wooden pumpkin float down the canal.

Screenshots via Friends Revolution.
All art portrayed in pictures below Vespa are © Livio De March

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