Telecopes: The Perfect Holiday Gift From OpticsPlanet

12/14/2010 01:25:00 PM ·

I remember growing up, I found myself in an open field in Ohio quite often, checking out the stars with telescopes I had received for Christmas. I started with a starwatcher refractor telescope which was user friendly and it taught me basic astronomy concepts and how to explore our solar system.

I would urge any parent looking for a creative gift for their child to start with one of these. There are several brands available. I happened to own a Jason telescope and a Barska Starwatcher 500mmx600mm. They were the perfect size, easy to handle and use, and I was able to see whatever I wanted to see with a little help from the directions book.

These days I haven't had much time to enjoy the sky, but I still have my telescopes in storage just in case an opportunity comes along to catch something impressive. Well, staying in the Smokey Mountains this year is a good enough reason to check out the horizon from a different perspective.

I also picked up some super cool Colorado series binoculars from OpticsPlanet for under $25.00 to view the mountains from my deck.  I can't help but think these will be perfect when the 8-16 inches of snow arrive in the mountains like predicted.

Twelve hours and counting and I'll be on my way with a Siberian Husky in the cab of the truck and about five layers of clothing on. It's going to be 26 degrees tonight in Florida. What do you expect? *smile*

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