Digging Out the North Face For A Mountain Excursion

12/12/2010 10:58:00 AM ·

Well, three days and my warm Florida feet will land swiftly in the mountain snow of the Smokies in Tennessee. This entire month I was thinking I was quite prepared with my Nuptse Boots and fleece gloves and hat, but low and behold here comes the snow storm of the Midwest. I guess I never think about inclimate weather anymore living in the Sunshine State. I haven't owned a winter jacket in so long I had to buy one. Funny thing is, this will be the only time I wear it, but it still has to be super warm and versatile. There's nothing I hate more than being constricted in a jacket when you have five layers of clothing on, not to mention the heat warmer in my Shawty pants. *smile*

I'm becoming a bit apprehensive about driving up the mountain, which I'm sure many of you actually live in the mountains so I'm in need of some of your advice. I have a Dodge Ram 1500, but it doesn't have snow tires and I've never driven a truck in the snow. I've driven a car in Ohio during the snow when I lived there, but I know a truck handles completely different. I have to go up a very steep incline to the cabin, which I chose because it was closest to the top and secluded. Hey, what was I thinking? I'm gonna need that parka in the back of truck, one minute I'm reaching out the back window to the tote. Ok, back.

So, any advice from you winter experts about traveling up the Snowy Smokies? Three days left and I'll be in natures hands. HELP!

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