Woman Claims She Owns The Sun

11/30/2010 11:30:00 AM ·

Can a person really own the Sun? On a normal day, we can purchase the stars in the sky for a sweetheart, but why not a big ball of hydrogen and  helium, with a touch of oxygen, carbon, neon, and their buddies?

The "thestickman" tells us an interesting tale. Did I say tale? I mean an actual, factual article about a woman laying claim to Sun as if she struck gold.

A 49 year old Spanish woman named Angles Duran was apparently was aware of organizations that allow people to name and register stars in the heavens (and real estate/mineral rights to acreage on the ocean floor, the Moon and Mars!) suddenly realized that nobody has claimed ownership of the nearest star, our Sun. She allegedly filed a claim of ownership with a notary just like filing a mineral claim like a ‘gold strike.’

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