Sing It Loud During The Holidays

11/12/2010 10:22:00 AM ·

One of my favorite gifts I received for Christmas several years ago was a karaoke machine from my dad. This wasn't too long ago mind you, as I've been keeping up with my solo act every since I had someone to sing for.The machine I received had its own screen featuring all the karaoke songs you can think of. You know the ones. The songs no one would ever admit to loving, but when they come on the radio everyone has to belt out a tune. The entire experience is so much better than just buying Karaoke CDs from the store. You have to have the entire set up. Make a night of it in your garage. 

One of my closest guy friends is dating a karaoke diva and DJ. She has three machines in her garage, disco balls, spot lighting, microphones, and let's not forget a huge stage. At a time, we were spending almost every weekend there. It certainly saved money on the bar tab and it's much less stressful than performing in front of hundreds of strangers. In fact, I would usually try out of my new songs in the garage before I ever performed them in front of a crowd.

Today, I'm a pro. Wowing crowds singing my rendition of Tina Turner's "Proud Mary" and 'Respect" By Aretha Franklin. I'm a diva and deep down I love the attention I get when on stage. I wait for the end of the song and know the crowd will be up on their feet. I think my favorite part about the karaoke experience is the fact no one expects my voice. The power of it. The way it shakes up your emotions. It's my one hidden talents I love to share. What's yours?

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