Jack Wilson Wovoka: The Man They Called The Son of God

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Jack Wilson was the son of a “weather doctor” and planned to follow in his father’s footsteps. Jack had the inept ability to see visions from God, and since he had undergone training with an experienced shaman in his community under his parent's guidance, he had now gained the spiritual knowledge of interpretation.

Jack Wilson: Wovoka  (aka The Cutter, aka Big Rumbling Belly)

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As Jack grew up, he gained the reputation throughout Mason Valley as an extraordinary and sanctified young leader. It wasn’t until January 1, 1889, Jack Wilson (otherwise known as Wovoka) experienced a vision during a solar eclipse after falling ill with a fever.

Wovoka Sitting (Standing L-R: Charlie Whiteman, Rising Buffalo, Red Pipe, William Penn, George Shakespear, Night Horse, Painted Wolf, Little Ant, Goes In Lodge (Northern Arapaho)  

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While Wilson was unconscious, “God gave him a message to the people of earth, a gospel of peace and right living”. When he and the son regained the light, he was a prophet. He often presided over circle dances, falling into a trance like state to receive revelations. Jack interpreted the sun's heavenly path across the sky, while preaching a message of universal love. Pretty soon, Indians and Euro-Americans regarded him as “The Christ”. The Son of God.

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