University of California Student In Fatal Shark Attack

10/22/2010 07:04:00 PM ·

Swimmers and surfers get bit almost everyday in Florida and California, yet they still take their lives in their hands in the name of extreme sports. It's a shame. A student with his entire life ahead of him is now gone because he decided to go bodyboarding.

Witnesses at the scene describe a 14 to 20 foot shark. Just to give you an idea of the size of the shark that attacked Lucas Ransom, this is a picture of a 9 foot bull shark. We tend to see these types of sharks in Florida all the time. The shark was almost double the size of the bull pictured. Terrifying if you think about it.
Matthew Garcia was two feet away from his friend, 19-year-old Lucas Ransom, when the shark attacked with no warning, he said. The whole attack lasted seconds while the pair were bodyboarding about 100 yards from the shore.

"He was just floating in the water. I flipped him over on his back and underhooked his arms. I was pressing on his chest and doing rescue breathing in the water," Garcia said. "He was just kind of lifeless, just dead weight."

  Check out the entire story of the shark attack at msn.

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