Mysterious Time Traveler in Charlie Chaplin 1928 Movie The Circus

10/28/2010 11:22:00 AM ·

I grew up watching Charlie Chaplin movies with my grandfather. I had quite the obsession with Charlie, what with his rumored affair with Marion Davies. I think I've seen most of his movies, but until now, I really never noticed any odd occurrences. You know the ones. Like in "Three Men and a Baby"....the mysterious figure behind the window panels. Of course, we can't forget the figure in the backdrop of the Wizard of Oz. This finding is truly interesting. It seems a very large woman carry a cell phone walked right down the road in the 1928 film called The Circus.

It's not in the movie -- it's real footage and it features real members of the public in 1928. Or does it, asked Clarke, who spotted a mysteriously dressed stranger walking past the camera talking into what he says can only be a mobile phone. Now the YouTube footage has passed the half-a-million mark, and plenty have tried to explain it. YouTube user "Barnwash" claims Australian police tested the first true two-way radio in 1928 and that maybe the woman was security in disguise. ~Fox News

What do you think? Is it real? If it wasn't a scene from the actual movie, then what makes people think this wasn't added in. What does "real footage" mean anyway? Real footage from where? I'm not convinced!

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