See You At Avista Resort This Holiday Season

9/21/2010 07:27:00 PM ·

It’s that time of year again when Kelly and I plan our holiday vacations. We have several places in mind this fall, if time permits of course. We were looking to split our time in South Carolina at one of the resorts in Myrtle Beach and a cabin in the mountains. We live in Florida and we see the ocean almost every day, however it’s nice to have a different view for a change, which is why we are looking for a new Myrtle Beach hotel to stay at this year.

Kelly has a modern view on design and I like an old world style, however we try to meet in the middle, which is why we have chosen . The Avista Resort has modern amenities like a day spa, indoor and outdoor pools, exercise room, the Just Off Main and Tree Top Lounge matched by the serene beauty of the ocean, seen from the view in your room. Plus some of the world’s greatest golf courses are only a few minutes away. I’ll admit I’m not a golfer. However, I do like to play a round with Kelly at least one day out of our week. I may like riding in the golf cart a little more than the golf itself, but it’s the atmosphere of the green and the great weather that brings me out to play 18 holes. Oh, and those plaid shorts are pretty cute too.

The best part of staying in Myrtle Beach, I think, is the food. In fact, it’s a huge deciding factor when I book hotels. This is not to say I don’t love the shopping, hiking by the lake, laying on the beach, and horseback riding. I just like the fact I get to eat somewhere different every time in between. Typically, I start my start my day in the hotel dining room. You just can’t beat breakfast at the resorts here. Vista Resort has an amazing dining experience I can’t wait to enjoy. I’ve been checking out their menu already. That’s what happens when you’re a chef at heart. You plan your vacation around the food. Activities come later. *smile*

If I didn’t say it already, I think Myrtle Beach may be my favorite destination in the US. So far that is. It’s wonderful for families, honeymooners, or anniversaries and there are activities for all ages. Not to mention, it’s much more reasonable than taking a family of four to the theme parks we have here in Florida. Start looking on the internet. Check out the resorts. See what Myrtle Beach has to offer you.

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