The High Art Of 'Lampoon' Satire

9/29/2010 11:06:00 AM ·

Art in satire can easily offend or inspire, as it hits low on the belt and adds a punch to topics we tend to take too seriously. We can respect the history, of course we can do that, however sometimes it takes the right artists to capture what we're really thinking and turn it into something unexpected.

In the spring of 1970, a daring new product from alumni of the Harvard Lampoon appeared on American newsstands. It was called the National Lampoon, and it mixed the satire of MAD magazine with a dose of sex and drugs for a combination that helped launch the careers of its contributors.
When the movie Animal House came out, it actually hit the magazine deep in the pockets. This type of humor was now available in the mainstream, and as time went by, the satire turned towards nudity.

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