The Beating Drums Of New York

9/08/2010 03:54:00 PM ·

THE BEAT OF NEW YORK from tim hahne on Vimeo.

You know you're in New York when you find yourself in the subway listening to the man, sitting on a bucket, drumming some of the best beats you've ever heard on a handmade drumset. Using only his   will to entertain and only a few plastic buckets, the beats can be infectious, and you just can't help but bob your head.
This is the story behind  "The Beat of New York". The video is a high speed, ultimate ride through the Big Apple, a city that never sleeps, and you never see the same person twice.

Thomas Noesner was in New York for a shoot of the new Mercedes R-Class. Right after the job, he took his camera and strolled through the busting streets of "The City“. While screening the pictures of a drummer in the tube station, I had the idea of creating a "remix“ of the recorded drum sequence to use it as a soundtrack for the film. That´s when our sound designer Toussaint came into play. We composed a track around the drum beat of this guy. Watch and listen to the beat of New York!

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