Attack of the Cardboard Cutouts

9/09/2010 12:09:00 PM ·

I've had my fair share of cardboard supermarkets, a cardboard car I wore for Halloween (when I was 12 mind you), and a few cardboard snowflakes for Christmas. However I never tried to bring my creations to life like the artist Anton Tang, a talented artist and blogger from Singapore.

Using some amusing angles, a few surprised turtles, and some side streets, Tang manages to bring cardboard cutouts to life, in real life situations.

The special thing about these photos is that they add life to the tiny characters, and that gives you the impression that they all have a story to tell. The photos themselves are absolutely stunning. The right combination of lighting and angles makes the “cardboard people” look average-sized and not small. Check out this Blog Rules for More on Anton Tang

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