When Deadlines Get the Better of a Novelist

8/13/2010 03:20:00 PM ·

Did you ever stay up too late, writing away, trying to finish up a novel, article, business proposal, or research paper? I'm sure not one of you could say no to this question, as deadlines seem to run our lives in some capacity or another. Your eyes slowly get tired and your words on the page start to sound like they've been written by a five year old.

Well, some writers take it to the extreme. Consider this fellow in the video. He is under extreme pressure to finish his novel and then paranoia steps in. Consider this film a twist between Secret Window starring Johhny Depp and Psycho-any version. Yes, it's just that dark and bizarre.

The Deadline was created by Andres Salaff in his second year at California Institute of the Arts.

Please be advised, there is a bit of profanity.

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