Spider Scissors: Bizarre Artform Made From Confiscated Airport Security Scissors

8/27/2010 05:22:00 PM ·

As if scissors weren't scary enough. You know the ones. The old ones. The ones that make that creepy sound when they open and close. It's like watching that scene in Hostel when one of the victims gets their toe cut off. Yikes!

Well, combine scissors and spiders and what do you get? A garden variety massacre of spiders? No, of course not. Some really creepy art by Christopher Locke. Locke is the brain child behind the Heartless Machine, a site showcasing his works using some pretty interesting materials.

Believe it or not, these spider scissors were created from 15 pairs of confiscated scissors at airport security. On Christopher's website he explains that hundreds of scissors are confiscated everyday at airports, which makes for a pretty elusive craft with free supplies on demand.

Each pair of spider scissors is uniquely crafted just for you, so the spiders you see in the pictures, may not be available.

Christopher Locke says,
I graduated from the George Washington University with a degree in fine arts, specializing in sculpture. I'm very passionate about creating, and I feel like sculpture is my purpose. I have a few things expressly noted as collaborations with Howard Connelly Designs, but everything else on this website is my own work, of my own design, and made on my own time for my own satisfaction. Nothing here has been backed by a corporate sponsor. It's all one-of-a-kind, and comes straight from my soul.
 To see step-by-step how these spiders are made, click here.

All pictures belong to Christopher Locke

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