GPS Tracking: The Key To Staying On The Right Track and The Right Road

8/30/2010 12:32:00 PM ·

Just a few weeks ago we moved into our new digs, only 20 minutes from the school. It was a long and eventful move, and as my fiance looked at the gps tracking to make sure we were on the right road, one of my lamps fell out of the back. Ok, so it may not have been humorous for the people tailing our truck.

As I looker further behind on the highway, out moving truck was nowhere in site. I had asked them prior to getting on the road if they had gps tracking systems in their truck. The replied "No, we do not". Honestly, I was bit concerned considering we were paying by the hour. They rest assured me, if something did happen, I can call the main, which uses a  vehicle tracking system if something should happen.

When they did arrive, they moved the contents of the truck into our home in less than 45 minutes. I couldn't believe it. No dollies. No straps. Just strapping young men.

To make a long story short, my fiance and I have only being using the GPS system a short while, but I can honestly tell you I would be lost without it. Furthermore, our insurance is much cheaper having the navigation system along with our fuel costs being much lower. We have a large truck, so paying over $100.00 a week in gas after we get lost for an hour is not an option.

With Christmas coming up I urge you, if you know someone who frequently gets lost, buy them a GPS for the holidays. It's the best investment I ever made.

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