The End Of the World On Night Shift

8/26/2010 08:37:00 AM ·

Waiting for the End of the World from Lee Deaville

I remember working one of those dreaded night shifts at a catalog company, talking to customers overseas, while my eyes drifted in and out, trying to order the right products. It's lonely. The night can play tricks on you, all while you're trying to stock the shelves. Bake the bread. The bread that seems to come alive as your imagination make inanimate objects speak. Yes, it's strange, but it also happens quite frequently.

The video, The End of the World", is one such bizarre night, told from the perspective of a third shift shelf stocker at a supermarket. Say that five times fast. He's  deprived of human contact, and with only an overactive imagination to keep him company, Petr sets about his monotonous night shift at his local supermarket.

Shot on 5D mk II, with 135mm and 17-40mm lenses. Edited on FCP.

Glastonbury 2010, Encounters Film Festival, Exposures Festival (winner - 'Best Artists Film'), Artsfest 09, A Wall is a Screen, Clermont Ferrand short film marketplace, Souvenirs From Earth.

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