A Crafted Soda Can Car?

8/05/2010 08:23:00 PM ·

They are meant to be recycled, but one savvy crafter has turned soda cans into a new art form. Imagine, you go to the store and your small child looks on the shelf, sees a toy car that's more expensive than you can afford. You think to yourself, there's got to be a cheaper way, and there is.

Creating this soda can car is the perfect activity to do with your children, and to me, it looks like a little antique car. I can't think of a more creative project to do with your son or daughter. Hey, I was a tomboy, so I would have loved creating this with my dad.

Wouldn't you like to Learn how easy it is to craft this Soda Can Car?

By Milton H Peebles III

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