Consider Exotic and Charming Villas For the Holidays

8/05/2010 03:23:00 PM ·

Is it too early to start planning for the holidays? I was thinking, I remember my music teacher mentioning his charming villa holidays  spent in Italy every year for Christmas. He would typically book a year ahead sometimes to reserve what he considered to be the most perfect abode for his family. I recently asked him, curious I suppose, about how he goes about this process.

He mentioned a site that he works with directly, listing hundreds of chalets, cottages, holiday villas, and apartments.The entire process is completely private between you and the owner. Plus, you get the low down from the villa owner about what to do in the area and the best places for a romantic meal with your sweetie, if you so choose. Their property may even have a private pool, and let's not forget, all of the extra space and privacy you'll receive as opposed to staying at a hotel.

Just for fun, I started to look into villas in Cyprus, and my mouth just started to water. I was absolutely drawn to the Old Monastery in Lapta, Kyreni, Cyprus, what with all its historical architecture inspired by Roman and Turkish designs.One can't overlook the lush gardens and the fact the property is two km away. A small price to pay to be in paradise I assure you.

I never realized how reasonable many of these villas and chalets were priced, so that was more than surprising to me. Kelly and I were planning on spending Christmas this year somewhere out of the ordinary and I think this may be the way to go.

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