The Men Pen: The Latest Concealer Stick Makeup For Men

7/04/2010 12:51:00 PM ·

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Who knew that mens makeup was so popular with businessmen, actors, high school boys, and models? I know when I had a special engagement in high school, prom the biggest of course, I made sure my makeup was flawless and my dress to die for. I just never realized that men cared as much about their appearance as we did. I'm sure any man for that matter would like a quick fix when it comes to their complexion, especially on a date, business meeting, or any high school dance. Personally, if it weren't for my handy pocket size concealer that I carried around with me everywhere, I would have never made it through high school.

Now, mens cosmetics are not as embarrassing for men to use. Well, in some instances, a man touching up his face with a concealer stick may be something we're not used to. The difference is, most of the men that use them have no problem doing it in public. Actors may need a little help covering up a scar or pimple or a businessman might want to touch up some dark circles under his eyes, staying up all night to prepare for a presentation.

The Men Pen comes in 17 different shades, which is amazing to me. I can't even find my shade sometimes and now men have 17 options. If you are a man that's comfortable  in your masculinity and you do need a little help now and then touching up for a special occasion, don't feel embarrassed. We all do it!

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