L'Autre Animated Offbeat Short Film

7/27/2010 05:54:00 PM ·

L'autre _ the movie from Tanya Aydostian on Vimeo.

So imagine you're in a padded room. Ok, right away that just sounds bad. You open your eyes and pretty little butterflies are landing on a Tim Burton inspired tree. You look down at your feet and notice you're barefooted. You pick up the socks laying neatly across one of the roots of the tree and instead of putting them on your feet, you put one on your hand. While you amuse yourself with your sock puppet, you once again fall asleep in your padded room.

Is it a dream sequence or just a perfectly crafted animated short film? L'autre _ the movie, created by Tanya Aydostian, Clovis GAY, and Alexandre HÉRAULT from the School of Animated Trades, Angoulême, France, is an awe inspiring 3 month graduation project.

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