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7/18/2010 04:47:00 PM ·

As a full time blogger and student, I usually carry around my laptop everywhere I go. I frequent coffee shops and bookstores alike to catch a break from writing in my spare room in my home. It’s necessary, at least for me, to also carry a mobile internet device that hooks right into my laptop. These are also available for Macs and PCS, if you’re in the market for mobile broadband.

However, what if you can’t afford a laptop as a student? Let’s face it, it’s one of those resources every student needs to make the most out of their experience. Personally, I take mine to class to type notes during lectures, keeping my life and my study schedule that much more organized.

Today, there are several companies that are providing a free laptop with broadband in a bundled package. Whether you’re a student, writer, or you just want to play gamed on the go, I don’t think there’s a better offer for those of you that want internet and a laptop.

Companies like T-Mobile, Carphone warehouse, 3 Mobile, Orange, and even AOL, have come out with super savvy and cost effective ways for consumers to get what they want and at a great price. I’m an HP user, and although I already own a laptop with broadband, I can’t help but envy the individuals that can save more money than I am from these packages.

For those of you that are just looking for a free laptop, that’s not what these packages are about. If you already own a PC or MAC and you want to go mobile but don’t have the funds to purchase a laptop, these packages are hard to beat. Over the course of a year, you will only pay for your broadband service, which simply covers the cost of the laptop. This means you’re internet is completely free. Check the packages out and see for yourself.

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