The Best Organic Formula For Infants: Bright Beginnings

7/11/2010 03:42:00 PM ·

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Bright_beginnings_1If you're a mommy and haven't checked out Bright Beginnings available at I urge you to do so. Bright Beginnings is a breast milk alternative with an Organic base that either comes in a 25.75 oz can - Case of 6-or individually packaged in a new and improved designed can.

If you tend to stick to an Organic diet yourself, most of the time, you want the same health benefits and safety for your infant or child. Bright Beginnings is a certified Organic product by the USDA, as well as Quality Assurance International (QA).

The product contains

  • No pesticides
  • No added growth hormones
  • No antibiotics
Bright Beginnings Organic Formula has also been proven to promote brain development and healthy eyes, and all ingredients are from natural sources.Bright Beginnings Formula is for ages 0-12 months and priced reasonably for any family on a budget.

I'm not a mommy myself, but my sisters have 4 children all together. Both use Organic products in their household, so I mentioned Bright Beginnings to them as well. My sister, with her last infant, had some complications and could not breastfeed. She had to seek an alternative, so Organic Formula acted as the next best thing. She's a full time nurse and was aware of the benefits of using Organic Baby Formula. Her son's brain development wasn't on par with what is should have been, but she believes the Formula did make a difference and now he's getting along wonderfully.

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