Youtube and Guggenheim Museum Collaboration

6/14/2010 12:09:00 PM ·

Many graphic artists and design students try to display their works on venues like Vimeo at the chance that anyone might take notice of their talent. Sometimes it's a one in a million, and sometimes a small blog or website, or even being featured on twitter that might catapult a hidden talent into the world wide art of digital media.

There are naysayers, of course, that believe art that comes in the form of pixels is just not art. The Guggenheim, who is considered the center of cutting edge art, using YouTube is shedding light on digital art from many of the undiscovered artists and designers around the world.

Any video creator from anywhere in the world can submit their work. Only 200 leading videos will be selected by the panel of experts and 20 to 25 of those will be displayed at the Guggenheim. Submissions close July 31, 2010.

No other medium is pushing the boundaries of creativity like video. YouTube Play, a collaboration between YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum, wants to recognize and showcase the most remarkable online videos from around the world. To have your work considered simply post it on YouTube and then submit it at A jury of experts will decide which works will be shown at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

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