What Pajama Are You?

6/08/2010 05:29:00 PM ·

Ladies, do you remember a time when all of us found ourselves in those fleece, footed pajamas as a child? Those were the days, when your mom would carry you around in the chilly weather, wearing the same footed womens pajamas hidden neatly under her clothes. Ok, so maybe that was just me, but I lived up north at the time and I can always remember wearing some sort of pajama pant or long underwear getup under my clothes to stay nice and toasty.

Times have a changed a bit, but my adoration for funky, playful, and just plain silly pajamas has never left me. So to continue on the tradition, every year for Christmas my mom will buy women's pajamas from a site that she has used for years.

The site is appropriately called Women's Pajamas and they have the most wonderful assortment of pajamas, robes, lounge sets, sleepwear, and lingerie. The best aspect of this site is that it's just for women. It's easily set up for anyone looking to purchase for themselves, or like me, buy a set of matching women's pajamas for my mom and me or the other way around.

The pajamas at Women's Pajamas can also be personalized. All you have to do it choose the embroidery design and the text and your done. I can't think of a better gift for Christmas. Actually, now that I think about it, these pajamas are a super creative gift to give to your bridesmaids. Why not celebrate your girlfriend's varying personalities by giving them fun and flirty pj's?

Did I mention this site has those fleece, footed pajamas that I love so fondly. Only now, living in Florida, I may not be able to get away with them. Which is why I wear them in the comfort of my own home when no one's looking. I can't help it if my fiance thinks their cute.

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